An Idea Made Real.
Illustrated poster concept for Adobe Creative Cloud, to demonstrate the creative diversity and power of the package. The idea sprouted from a particular visual pun that came to my head one day.
Role: Graphic Design, Illustration
Type: Personal Project

Not Sponsored, I Swear.
The simplistic and cartoonish illustration style provides the image with a universal approachability and an element of fun, showing just one of the many things you can make with the Adobe Creative Suite.

See What I Did There?
The character holds a package above his head, which when viewed in context with the space between the arms, appears as the shape of a Pen Tool. The tagline of the poster is phrased to draw attention to the pen tool shape.

Trace And Trace Again.
The early developments of the illustration were sketched and traced around the pen tool shape, before being brought into a digital format on illustrator and traced over digitally.

You probably don't want to see the original reference material I used, which is literally just a picture of me holding a lampshade above my head to emulate the shape, so I'll leave it at that. Hope you liked it!
joseph r. miners, 2019
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