Britain's First Zero Carbon Airline. 
Change begins with visualizing. 
Nulair is a visualization tool, a lens through which we can see a cleaner, more considerate future. By developing a brand for a hypothetical zero-emissions airline, I hope to put forth an image and a motivation to bring sustainable air travel to the commercial world.
Role: Branding
Type: Degree Project, Major Project, Dissertation

Flight For The Creative.
Stylized and niche, the Nulair identity considers the future of the travel market not just through technological advancements, but the flyers themselves. From logo to colourscheme, headings to communications, Nulair is an airline for creatives.

Guiding Identity.
The primary deliverable of the Nulair project is a widely-encompassing brand guideline document. My research of existing human-centered brand identities for airlines such as Virgin America helped me identify the requirements of a coherent brand guide.

Creating A Journey.
If there's anything to be enjoyed most about the air travel experience, it's the feeling of anticipation. The respite as you wait for your journey is the prime time to experience the brand and become a part of it. From staff uniforms, menus and billboards, the visual experience is a key part of ensuring travellers feel secure.

Tech of tomorrow.
The Nulair brand applications consider educated predictions of what air travel could look like in the early-mid 21st century. Sustainable practises like locally sourced flight menus to the innovations of biometric security all have a place on the brand material.

Nulair is one example of the many ways I'd like my designs to help visualise a better, more sustainable future. I hope you enjoyed looking through it.
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