An awesome real-time response to sustainable change. 
By using trackable milestones, a smart, solution-driven campaign and a beautifully simple platform to contain it all, change and collaboration becomes not only necessary but insatiably addictive.
A D&AD New Blood Awards Submission.
Role: Art Direction, Motion Design, Branding
Type: Advertising, Award Submission

A New Generation.
PLANET B hopes to show 15-25 year olds who are concerned about their future what they can do to change their lifestyle and their planet for the better.

A Voice That Says 'Yes'.
The concept is led by a can-do attitude, encouraging sustainable change in a way that feels broad and collaborative. Connect4Climate wanted something exciting, disruptive and trackable, so I sought to deliver.

Start Small, Blow It Up.
The idea had to be simple, yet scalable. By storyboarding a presentation video, days of ideation, revision and finalisation were compressed into under two minutes, showing the idea at its most raw form.

Know The Brand.
The PLANET B brand identity is derivative of the Connect4Climate/World bank initiative branding and colourscheme. The bright, signature green is taken directly from the Connect4Climate logo, and even the logomark itself is structured like its C4C/World Bank counterparts.

Have Fun With It.
PLANET B is all about building, teamwork and pixels. What better than an IKEA instructional parody to advertise the concept? It's all just as simple.

Big Fat Clarity.
PLANET B needed to be something recognisable, tantalizing and experienced everywhere you go. The tagline 'Small Changes, Big Pixels, No Pressure' reads well and immediately explains what it's all about.

Thanks for reading, I had a lot of fun with this project.
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